Join the QA Team: talented quality assurance testers apply within.

Quality Assurance testing freelance jobs offers experienced QA Testers an opportunity to work from home on exciting interactive projects for partner companies with sporadic testing needs. We are looking for serious, dedicated, passionate QA Testers who understand the importance of good testing practices.

Whether you are currently employed looking to supplement your income, or you are looking for opportunities to work from home in an industry that you love, may be right for you.

We strive to create a seamless process in which companies know and trust that they can send Test Requests when needed, any time of day, and that a qualified QA professional will thoroughly test their project before their deadline.

How does it work

When you qualify to be a Tester at, you are added to our various mailing lists, based on your abilities and available equipment.

When a client sends a Test Request for a project, it is sent by email to all of the registered Testers qualified to undertake such a project. The first Tester to accept the project and its deadline is assigned to the project.

There are a few things you need to know before you apply to be a Tester at QA on Request:

Non-disclosure agreement The projects that our clients need tested are often not yet released and confidentiality is of the highest importance to them. As a Tester at, you agree not to share ANY information about the projects you are testing, and if you are found to do so, will prosecute you in a court of law and help its clients do so, no exceptions.  
Consistent Quality builds its reputation by offering quality and reliable services to serious companies. As such, we hold our Testers to the highest standards of professionalism. If you accept a job, you are expected to deliver quality work and on-time. If you fail to deliver on this promise even once, you will be banned permanently.  
Only experienced testers Companies who rely on's network of professional Testers expect quality results, often in short timeframes. This is why we only accept candidates with previous Quality Assurance Testing experience and proper training.  
You back up the satisfaction guarantee facilitates finding contractual work for experienced quality assurance professionals. To be a Tester at is a privilege, and it should not be taken for granted. We represent to our clients that our Testers are experienced, serious, and utmost professional. Companies who contract quality assurance services via pay a premium specifically for this purpose; and as such, they expect top notch results. To be a registered Tester at, you must always put forward your best effort and demonstrate in your work that the client's satisfaction is your #1 priority. You prove this by offering your clients their money back if they are unsatisfied with your services.  
We have moved our freelance software testing jobs opportunities to a new website.

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